Just Videos is at the leading edge of video marketing.

JustVideos is a company answering the call … of the exploding world of video marketing. With endless statistics that show viewers retain 95% of a video message compared to only 10% of a text message makes video a powerful medium for converting visitors into prospects and prospects into buyers. A solid marketing strategy and platform that allows clients to attract, engage, and convert viewers … like the written word simply cannot.

Just Videos is more than another video production studio. It’s a marketing company that advises its clients on how they can get the most out of video … in their offline sales presentations … on their websites … in social media … and even their online advertising.

Just Videos focuses as much on kinetic typography and graphics as it does footage of people and scenes. We teach our clients that animation can be as strong as photography and that a video can add more credibility in a few seconds than the written word could in a few paragraphs, knowing the viewer would never read a few paragraphs.

Marketing Strategy

We analyze where you need videos (in one-on-one sales, on your website, in social media) ... how you would benefit from them ... and how they could help conversions ... from visitors to users ... from users to sales ... from sales to long term customers.

Special Effects

We use After Effects to create a unique visual impact with graphics. We use kinetic typography, speed writing, custom intro graphics, square videos for social media use and much more.

Creative Direction

We write the script, recommend the visuals, determine the on-location shoots and stock video selections, intro graphics that support your branding and messaging, voice-over, background music. All driven by marketing strategy.

Corporate Videos

This includes full corporate overviews of either capabilities or facilities. These often include on-camera interviews with key employees or management and can involve the use of drones for overhead filming.

Sales Presentations

These videos are for the purpose having your sales force deliver a consistent message. A professionally prepared video overcomes potential weaknesses of a sales team and assures accuracy of your messaging.

Short Videos

This type of video is meant for your website or in social media applications. A short video could explain how to handle a product or a certain step in the installation process. Sometimes, short videos can be animations or an on-camera spokesperson to explain something to your visitors.

Our Team of Experts Can Handle Any Size Project.
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Just Videos is an award winning creative production company working for various clients and agencies in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles

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